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At Mariner Sails, Inc. we offer custom security covers for irregular display fixtures, airport and mall retail carts and concession stands of all shapes and sizes. All we need are the measurements of your fixture or fixtures, along with digital photos showing your fixture as it will be covered in order to provide you with a price quote on covers designed to install and fit properly. Line drawings or blue prints, if available, are preferred as the main reference for our design team.

All of our covers are available with heavy duty, lockable security cables. Our cable system can be easily replaced without any special tools unlike sewn-in cable systems. We are able to provide cables and replacement cables complete and ready for use or with one end unfinished for customers to insert and finish on site.

Our custom run fabric is designed and manufactured to meet national and local fire retardant codes. Though we haven’t come across a fire code this fabric doesn’t meet or exceed, we are happy to send a sample to you for local testing upon request.

We guarantee our products quality and fit. Our pricing, quality and customer service are all guided by our goal of customer satisfaction.

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