We can:
  • Repair holes and rips

  • Replace zippers & cables

  • Reinforce chaffed areas

  • & just about anything
    else your cover requires


RMU and Kiosk Cover Repairs
At Mariner Sails, Inc. we repair all brands of RMU and Kiosk covers. Our repairs are reasonably priced and fast; pricing is based on the labor to make the repairs plus material costs. Just ship your RMU or Kiosk covers to us (please include your contact information and a description of the repair you’d like for us to perform) and we’ll call your with a repair quote. Or, you can e-mail us a photo of the damage and we'll be happy to give you an estimate before you ship your cover(s) to us.

Large Scale and Custom Repairs
Large scale and custom repair pricing is based on labor and materials. E-mail us a photo of the damage to be repaired with a scale (a ruler for sizing) in the shot and we’ll contact you with an estimate of the repair. You are also welcome to ship your project first if shipping costs are not prohibitive.

Modification pricing is based on labor and materials. With modifications we would like to communicate with you directly along with e-mail correspondence and photos to make sure our modification achieves your desired effect. We are happy to provide an estimate before you ship your project to us.

Estimates & Quotes
We are able to provide only an estimate without having your project here on site. We do our best to provide accurate estimates. Should we determine that our estimate is not accurate upon actual inspection of your project, we will contact you for approval before we perform any work.

All estimates and quotes are F.O.B. Mariner Sails, Inc. Dallas TX.

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