We specialize in the design and manufacture of
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Our products are made of high quality components, designed to offer the best in
ease of use and durability. Our sail making experience helps ensure our design,
material choice and construction will serve you well for indoor or outdoor applications.
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Ensuring the best solutions for your design needs.

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As a division of Mariner Sails, we offer custom-made RMU (Retail Merchandise Unit) and Kiosk covers to shopping centers, airports, cart and kiosk manufacturers, as well as individual merchants. Our RMU and kiosk covers are lockable and can be custom designed to suit your needs. Whether your RMU is standard-sized, a large custom kiosk, or an irregular shaped display rack, we can provide you a price quote based on the dimensions of your display.
We’re happy to help with your fabric needs in any way we can, including repairs and alterations. We are committed to making quality products and to the satisfaction of our customers.

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