Custom means CUSTOM here at Mariner Sails.
We can make almost anything in canvas or fabric.
We proudly serve a wide variety of industries, manufacturing everything from awnings, architectural coverings, canopies, patio covers, custom tarps to pallet covers, custom boat covers, sails, trailer covers and custom machinery covers.

Custom design and production is a specialty here.
Because of our manufacturing versatility, Mariner Sails can provide the perfect
fabric solution for your interior and exterior projects. Everything we create is custom designed to fit your exact needs. Working from concepts and plans we can normally provide a design proposal and estimate. And since material choice and color options can effect utility and final cost, we have a wide range of fabrics and colors available for your project. On-site measurements are incorporated into the design for your prototype or actual first run custom product.

Unique shapes and sizes are normally not a problem for us. With our roots in the custom sailmaking industry stretching back quite a few decades, your custom project will be professionally handled from start to finish.

Please call 800-536-9463 or contact us for further information and pricing.

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